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USSD Mobile Banking

پرداخت موبایل بانک

This stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, including standard is GSM network. Its message via USSD is similar to the transmission of messages via SMS, but there are key differences between them; After receiving the SMS stored in the network
And another time to the destination, but at the same time send USSD messages, will be received. This high security standard and in many developing countries for various banking services are used. The codes are standard starting with * and # all.
The waiting time to meet a lot less than the SMS protocol based on a work session (session-bassed). A USSD message can be about 182 character messages using the * and # keys digitally sent be.
USSD can be written using the software for mobile phone and mobile operator communication network and its function can be divided into two categories:
1.mdyryt on the mobile (user or client) ......... pull
2.mdyryt on the network (servers or server) ......... push
The main feature of USSD messages of storage on the user.
Working with SMS and USSD difference if we speak with one example is that USSD is more like telnet and any special menu for sending and receiving USSD commands there is no primary mobile user can send directly via USSD commands But SMS is more like Email.
USSD is based on the relationship and this relationship through the audio channel (voice channel swap) and circuit-switched voice and knows commands can be used to identify the customer does not have SMS after the delay problem, but the property Save time and if coverage is lost user interaction is interrupted and the user must re-start relationship, and certainly not a direct connection phone telephone support.
USSD itself in terms of security structure and mechanisms for security and standard audio channels in the GSM network is used.
Applications using this protocol can be used to:
- Mobile Banking
- Services
- Services such as (with news, weather, ...)
- Talk service (quiz, poll, A & Q)
- Services survey
- Services Directory
And so on.
The use of services such example is the use of this protocol in which the prepaid credit balance can be learned.
The security dimension, USSD is a distinct structure for security and safety standards and mechanisms GSM / UMTS network uses. So many ways to hear it in the global distribution of information exchanged in the context of USSD can be there. The weakness in the absence of software in mobile phone subscribers to encode bank data, banks were forced to invent ways of exchanging confidential information over the network has failed or encrypt confidential information technology STK to provide customers in the mobile phone.