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Payment Systems

پرداخت موبایل

In the world of electronic payment, given that the number of smartphone users increasing each day, many of the actors in this field in the world are trying to be the best method of communication between mobile phones and devices to expand the host will payand popular model, which is actually only the standard communication method is used in data transmission frequency 13.56.
To date, the technology has come a long way to improve the lack of communication between the mobile phone and cover admission tool, but with the increasing penetration of mobile phones equipped with NFC and Secure element, these days, is not concerned lack of communication and of There are business models is more important.
One of these concerns the lack of receptivity network equipped with non-contact transaction. As you know, this model receptivity tools are expensive and increase their influence over the payment network is not easy and will take time.
DOV technology in order to make it possible for non-contact communication recently entered Iran by a few companies are pursuing Ast.lght DOV stands for Data Over Voice. This technology does not matter the type of mobile device and the substrate movement and transfer of information the phone (fixed or mobile) voice only. This means that the "owner" of any new tools, such as SIM cards or stickers are not required and the holders of all mobile phones that have the capability microphone and loudspeaker can use this platform.
On the receptivity, the tools they use a decoder Audio Decoder is of course very good price. In the following are some of the applications mentioned the new context. Do the rules on the use of this platform in financial transactions of the central bank is not available, but if we look at it as a bed can make it even safer than it is to know about Bluetooth.