Business Development


Business Development Service (BDS) provider

EXIT Group as business development service (BDS) provider firm, invests in and helps small and medium-size companies grow in the initial stages of their development. A major difference between a BDS firm and a venture capital fund is that BDSs allow smaller, non-accredited investors to invest in startup companies. Some of the reasons why BDSs became popular is because they provide permanent capital to companies, allow investments by the general public and take advantage of financing other companies with a wide variety of sources, such as equity, debt and hybrid financial instruments.

Business Development is simply about pursuing opportunities for long-term growth from customers, markets, and relationships. It comprises a number of tasks and processes generally aiming at developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations. Sounds simple enough; While Business Development may still mean many different things to many different organizations, at it’s core we believe it is focused on 3 domains:

  • Customers: Find new ones and extract more value from current ones.
  • Markets: Figure out where new customers “live” (both geographically and in terms of “buying mindset“) and find a way to reach them.
  • Relationships: Build and leverage relationships founded on trust and integrity to facilitate opportunities.

Our objective is to provide attractive, risk-adjusted returns to our stockholders over the long-term primarily through current income while seeking to preserve our capital. We intend to achieve this objective by selectively constructing and actively managing a leveraged portfolio comprised primarily of diversified investments in attractive market segments. We also invest in equity of high-techs how are planning to enter international markets. In addition to these assets, we may selectively invest in loans issued by middle market companies, and high yield bonds.

Our Targeted Investments

We intend to achieve our objective by selectively constructing and actively managing a leveraged portfolio composed primarily of diversified investments in competitive industries. We incorporate wide array of legal settings such as Outsourcing, Joint Venture, Consortium, M&A, Licensing, etc. mechanisms to collaborate with our partners. In addition, we may selectively invest in loans issued by middle-market companies, and high yield bonds. Additionally, we may from time to time hold or invest in equity or other debt or equity securities generally arising from a restructuring of Leveraged Loan positions previously held by us.


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