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investment consulting in exit group

Increasing tendency of traditional consultants into taking role and command as an managers' agent in organizations, has been known as fairy tail these days; heard of several examples of elaboration in the process of firing and hiring people, and even edit and announcement of internal daily procedures are just part of the story. Not to mention that consultant has no place in coporate governance and hierarchies and consequently taking part in command chain and commiting to action would not only contradict with advisory role but it would be potential danger for consultation effectiveness, since accepted defenition suggests consultant as the character (individual or legal) that acts in a position to influence on individuals, groups or organizations, without direct power to make changes neither do have the authorithy to implement plans. The manager on the other hand, has the direct responsibility of doing things. By accepting these definitions, when the consultant interveen the command chain would be accountable for upcoming results without any responsibility.

Noted paradigm, although in connection with veteran consultants and experts in an advisory capacity of multinational corporation have concrete examples, but performing any investment including entering new market or developing new products situation is quite different. Prerequisite of successful investment might require a consultant, for a limited period of time, focuses on a particular topic (even for scattered one) to be performed and PDCA the progress. Therefore, in recent years, in response to this dialectic, the paradigm shifts to include supervision, coaching and even in many cases the implementation and deployment plan to make the inevitable result, in the consultation process. This is to elaborate to the extent that some consultants and venture capitals not only own SMEs stocks, but also (in some cases) previlage right to manage the company, during  supporting period. Explaining why, it would be abbreviated to limited financial resources, human and core technology of SMEs, as well as lack of access to quantitative data in order to assess and provide appropriate solutions.

In this regard, in response to upcoming demand of the invested SMEs and new business developing branch entering Iran's market, EXIT Economic Collaboration Group (PJS) is develping platforms facilitating consultation in world class level, in the following areas:

  • Evaluate, develop and refine business ideas
  • Feasibility studies and business plans
  • New product development & adoption in new market
  • Market entrance and Business strategy development
  • Registration, establishment and business licenses
  • Reviewing & Regeneration of the business model and value chain
  • Market reports and Industry analysis 
  • Marketing paln development, sales planning and team arrangement 
  • Productivity and performance management
  • Accounting, finance and tax consulting

Practitionairs at EXIT  Group, are ready to hear your business ideas in order for developing safe solutions for product / service development in Iran's market, while the full enjoyment of rights and intellectual property via NDA agrrement. For further information please call us or let us know your questions/enquiry.


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