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Introduction to EXIT Group

EXIT Group is a registered brand of legal entity with formation of private joint share (PJS) and derived from the efforts of a group of graduates from Tehran and Sharif Universities in Tehran, Iran. Its constitution signed and registered (Reg.# 212492) in 2003 by the Companies Registration General Office and Industrial Property.

EXIT Group is a business development service (BDS) provider firm, providing consult and outsourced complementing services. In this regard, ever since Iranian creativity and talents, efficiently organized and aligned with state of the art technology, in 3 independent business units (SBUs) of this group to provide beneficiary stakeholders with the package of business development services. Major interested domains of contribution of the group members, noted below:

  • Empowering SMEs through digitalization and automation of their processes,
  • Monitoring market components and trends (insights) in order to promote higher level of product-market FIT,
  • Data mine, collection, modeling, compilation and analysis of customer level data to proliferate and provide effective decision support tools in respected context,
  • Investment and financial modeling, making SMEs with relative/competitive advantage stay out of crowd,
  • Contribute into defined projects by startups and entrepreneurs in the form of equity investment and/or venture capital contract,
  • Analysis of buyer personas/behaviors and development of Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard to keep track of KPIs,
  • Finally, professional services including consulting, design, development and implementation of business model architecture.

We are honored that during past decade we were been able to establish mutual interaction between Entrepreneurship, Management, Economic and Communication faculties and practitioners by which several consulting core is defined which currently are serving SMEs across the nation.

Who We Are?

Core idea behind of our existence (in the mind of its founders) is been defined as committed endeavor for creating sustainable business opportunities to empower SME & startup groups, maintaining resource mobility among them.

We (founding team) dream for designing and establishment of Iranian network of complementary SMEs with relative competitiveness, embedded in global value chain, contributing to high-tech/green economy.

We pursue our vision by 1) playing liaison role among major parties of innovation ecosystem, and 2) providing world class consulting, outsourcing and business development services to startups and SME business managers.

What We Offer?

One on the most conventional consulting service is advising. EXIT Group practitioner's advices would be provided based on their accumulated expertise on different domain of business development challenges, charged via hourly bases fees. Each session would be about an 45 minutes long and could be held through face to face meetings, social media video/voice/text sessions or just over the phone.

Many consulting services in EXIT Group provides value by their results, for instance feasibility studies, business planning or market research would be presented as a detailed documents which has based on long hours of dedicated efforts of practitioners to collect, interpret, analysis and report the findings as a result. Such services usually should be outsourced to us thoroughly, somehow some might prefer to break the project into smaller parts. 

Being on the same page is a pivotal point to shift the paradigm from training into consulting. Without proper, deep learning no consulting practice would be successful. We have extensive training programs for startup teams and SME managers, provided in BAZKHORD.

Our Core Differentiated Qualities

What people we have helped before say about us, have made us believe we have something trustworthy and reliable that our clients value more, than merely technical expertise. We now know we had these qualities embedded in our core team culture, as our competitive edge.


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