Helping transform your business through a collaborative approach

As a leader, you must continuously cope with ongoing change—whether transforming your business to take advantage of new market opportunities, restructuring to improve operational efficiency, or responding to new regulations and risks. This requires a rapid, proven and agile response, which ensures that the right people, processes and technologies are in place to enable peak performance, no matter the competitive and economic conditions.

With EXIT Group business consulting, you have the expertise needed to help grow your business, drive revenue, improve efficiency and become more agile. Founded in 1983, EXIT Group (PJS) is among the leading end-to-end IT services and business consultancy companies. We have the capabilities and scale required to combine cross-industry, operational and technology expertise to successfully manage transformation and provide for lasting business performance. We take a unique approach to consulting—listening and co-innovating with our clients to ensure lasting success.

Experience and expertise

Several  business consultants across EXIT Group's national footprint are advising some of the largest and most complex companies and government organizations, for example:

  • We helped a national pharmaceuticals leader redefine its internal control policy that reduced risk exposures by almost 75% for its subsidiaries within 13 provinces.
  • We assisted a logistics distribution leader in updating its national supply chain, centralizing its financial organization and rationalizing the management of its cash flow within 8 months.