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Company Profile

EXIT Group at a Glance

EXIT Economic Cooperation Group is a legal entity with formation of Private Joint Share (PJS) and derived from the efforts of a group of graduates from Tehran and Sharif Universities in Tehran, Iran. Its constitution signed and registered (Reg.# 212492) in 2003 by the Companies Registration General Office and Industrial Property

Core idea behind of its existence (in the mind of its founders) has been defined as sincere endeavor for improving economic contribution of Iranian startups among regional/developed countries, along with increasing of its stakeholder equity. In this regard, Iranian creativity, talent and efficient organization is aligned with state of the art technology, particularly since establishment engaged in providing services to interest group of Small and Medium Sized Private Enterprises (SMEs). EXIT Group intrested domains of contribution, includes a few categories, noted below: 

  • Monitoring and control of market components to provide marketing insights and refine business development ideas, 
  • Data mine, collection, compilation and analysis of relevant market intel to proliferate and provide effective decision support tools in respected context,
  • Investment and financial services to boost technology development in small and medium-sized companies with relative/competitive advantage
  • Contribute into defined plans and projects by startups and entrepreneurs in the form of equity investment and/or venture capital contract, 
  • Innovative secure payment solutions, especially on mobile payment.
  • Design, conceptualization, development and implementation of standardized tools to tracking and monitoring local and regional markets, including mediation and financial instruments,
  • Finally, professional services including consulting, design, development and implementation of information systems management.

We are honored that during past decade we were been able to establish tight interaction between Entrepreneurship, Management, Economic and Communication faculties and practitioners by which several consulting core is defined which currently are serving SMEs across the nation.